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When you are still a college student or new working adult , it is understandable that you may end up choose to rent a room with common sharing space with someone you do not know so that you can minimise your cost living expenses. This situation probably an awkward moment for those who are first time live with stranger. But No worry! Here have few tips that maybe useful to you.


1. Buy Your Own Kitchenware

Having your own basic kitchenware like mug, plate and spoon  is essential any related confrontation with your new housemates. Bear in mind, not everyone are fine to share their belonging with just anyone.

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2. Ask Before Using People’s Food (And Replace If You Do)

It is truly not a good feeling  when going to the fridge to eat that slice of cake you had been saving, only to find it’s missing. Always ask permission before sneaking food if the food is not belong to you. Chances are they will be more than fine with this if you ask, especially if you replace it promptly.


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3. No-One Will Be As Tidy As You

Whether you are a neat-freak or a messy dweller, there will always be someone who is more unorganised or tidier than you. If you don’t like things too orderly, keep your belongings in your room at least, so they don’t start to annoy your housemates.

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4. Getting The Shower Schedule Right Is KEY

If you are sharing bathroom facilities, learn when everyone likes to shower early on! If you don’t, you could be faced with brushing your teeth over the kitchen sink when you find your housemate has sneaked in the shower before you.

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5. If You Are Inviting Guests Round Inform Your Housemates Early

In most cases, the majority of housemates will be welcoming towards any guests. But it’s always nice to ask in advance. So that, your housemate know your guest will coming.

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6. Do Not Move Your Partner In Unofficially! (Especially if you rent house for specific gender)

There are people choose to rent house only with female housemate only. So, do not  move your boyfriend in to live rent-free. There is nothing more annoying than when you can’t walk around in pyjamas and feel comfortable.

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7. Do Not Make Loud Noise!

You may like rock and black-mental music with loud speaker but do not forget to be tolerate with your housemate when they are around. Tune the volume enough for you to listen. Your music may relieve your stress but it may increase other stress!

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8. Always Be Neutral

Living with strangers can prove both tricky and rewarding. And no matter how close your friendship, there will always be matters you don’t see eye to eye with. Instead of letting any frustration build up, be as neutral as possible and talk things out early on. Don’t let it get to the post-it note on the fridge stage!

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