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A few good pointer shared by the youtuber about buying or renting a house. If you have 7 minutes, please do watch the video and get the overall angle that the author is trying to share.


I have summarized them in following:

Buying a house:


  1. You are building equity
  2. Benefit if neighbourhood appreciates
  3. Creative control: renovations, decorating, etc


  1. More secondary costs – maintenance, taxes, insurance
  2. If market depreciates, equity goes down
  3. Must qualify with income/credit

Renting a house:


  1. Usually, can have bad credit and still renting
  2. Not tied down to a mortgage
  3. No maintenance costs
  4. Don’t have to worry if neighbourhood depreciates


  1. Rent is higher than mortgage payments
  2. Share walls with neighbour
  3. Not building equity or owning an asset
  4. Restrictions on pets and other freedoms
  5. Rend could raise
  6. Owners can sell and ask you to leave

We hope the information above will able to give you some pointers about what to consider before buying a house in Malaysia. What do you think? Like, share & comment your thoughts. Subscribe for latest updates.

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