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There is no mystery. When space is precious, or when efficiency is critical, the “arranging” method to use is important. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an interior designer to able to lay out a harmony layout that best matches your lifestyle with the arrangement of the furniture surrounding you.

You will be fine if you follow following 4 points as your rules of thumb:

  1. Use vertical space as much as possible to create a more compact layout.
  2. Use block-type, modular, hidden, and variable furniture to make efficient use of space and to leave a maximum floor area around them.
  3. Strengthen the storage properties of conventional furniture equipment that does not have storage functions.
  4. To make the use of space in different functional areas harmonious and barrier-free overlap as much as possible to achieve shared use.

Interior design is not a thing that can be accomplished by theory. Frankly speaking, the reason is straightforward. Remember this, a single principle, a single problem, and a person with a relatively normal IQ can sometimes easy to understand, but when there are many comprehensive problems In front of them, people tend to be overwhelmed, unable to find clues. And what comes worse is they often commit many low-level mistakes, and finally forgot to solve many of the problems that they had thought of beforehand. The interior designer is a professional who usually solves substantial issues. It is nothing extraordinary, but it is not an easy job. Because people are often exhausted when they perform multi-tasking tasks, which leads to inefficiency and mistakes.

But when you give yourself enough time to try and error to perfect the arrangement of furniture and your surrounding, you will find it worth the effort.

Extra Tips for neater rooms

Fold all foldable items together

Clothes, scarves, handbags, coin purses and other small items, as well as plastic bag laundry bags and other soft objects, should also be preferred to fold up.

It is not wrong to stack clothes and place them, but there is one thing to note is that they should not be stacked. The following figure is a stack, so it is not folded, not only the clothes below are easy to be ignored, take a piece of clothing It’s also very troublesome, and it may mess up a pile of clothes.

Therefore, many people use drawers or drawer-type storage boxes to store folded clothes and put them in small cubes.

It is a basic common sense for you to stand upright and put upright clothes in drawers. In addition, articles such as stationery, medicines, and tissue paper towels can stand on their own without hesitation.

Upright storage maximizes the use of vertical space. At the same time, the total amount of items can be grasped at a glance.

It is also abiding by this principle that the clothes mentioned above should be erected and stored.

Stacked up

Stand up

Stacked using right storage tools will save you a lot of things.

Home-growing habits slowly develop and you become accustomed to becoming natural.

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