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GFG Group have acquired the largest room & accommodations classified website in Malaysia – (news source) from the Star Media Group (SMG) in 2021.

GFG Group is creating an integrated marketplace for rental property management for the benefit of all our clients in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and the Philippines.

Avg Users Monthly Visitors: 150,000

Page Views Per Month: 270,000

Registered Users: 105,000 is the first room rental website that we have created for our clients.

RoomSOS is visited by thousands of tenants and property owners everyday.

RoomSOS will continue to serve our clients within Klang Valley.

Avg Users Monthly Visitors: 28,000

Page Views Per Month: 45,000

Registered Users:  5,000 is another active room rental website for the Malaysian market.

One of the benefits of this website is its ability to auto-post to the corresponding Facebook Page giving our clients the extra exposure in the social media space.

Avg Users Monthly Visitors: 5,000

Page Views Per Month: 7,000

Registered Users:  4,000

GFG owns over 20+ room rental related Facebook Groups with a combined members of over 700k.

We continue to be on the lookout to expand this network to allow our clients to reach more potential tenants.


Avg Group Visit Per Month: 500,000

Groups Users:  700,000

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