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There are many ways and tricks to improve our house scent but in this post we only share 5 tricks with you.

1) Make scent simmer using herb combination

After cooking a food, I believe you realised the smell of food spreading in the house. This concept are quite similar, you simmer a combination of few type of herb like cinnamon, lemon and lavender.The heat will permeates the sweet scent throughout your house. This is an easy trick that is as lovely to get your house smell good instantly.


2) Heat or baked something smell good and yummy

If you love yummy and warm baked goods, this might a good trick for you.  You may either baked them yourself or  grab them from nearby shop and heat them. Feel and smell the spreading around the  house. Here we provide a video as alternative way on how to make house smell yummy in heap and easy way.



3) Soup up your air vents

Most of us doing this to our car air vents. So why not doing it for the house air conditioner. Just clip your favourite smell flavour to a vent’s metal slats. The air blows through, the scent will waft throughout the room.


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Using scented candles

This very common idea and it work effectively if you place them at strategic place in your house. So, you need to find the suitable place for them in your house. Here we share you a 2 minutes video of DIY scented candles:



Clean your garbage disposal

Wash your garbage can or dustbin at least 3 times a week. Sometime, the smell is not form the rubbish but from the can and dustbin itself.  Watch video below and learn how to remove bad odor of your garbage disposal :


Lastly, we share another extra video for your to try at home. Hope this information can help to improve your house scent.

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