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Landlord will suffer headaches along the tenancy period when the tenant does not care about their property. Renting out your property before you do proper tenant screening is not a wise move. Let’s imagine you lack of experiences to handle tenant request or collect rental on-time, those will eventually eat up your profit and you position yourself to run property renting business at a loss.

Renting property is as simple as tenant management!

As you know, GFG Home Realty has years of property renting experience. I see this company growth in rapid speed and their management has highly aware that tenant management is the highest priority. As the saying goes… happy tenant, happy landlord.

Though a table talks with their CEO, I get to know that the tenant is the lifeline of the whole property management business. And finding a good tenant need time and effort. Their team has put in so much effort to service the tenant and do proper follow up on each tenant request or complaint.

You need to understand the tenant needs and you should share your expectation with them. Often, the dispute happened between landlord and tenant is mainly due to misunderstanding. Or your living culture and theirs are different. After all, land lording is never a one-way street business relationship. Listening what your tenants have to say is important.


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