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Above video give an awesome introduction of smart-city. For your information, Selangor Smart City and Future Commerce Convention 2017, that held from 7-9 September 2017. (download full Convention 2017 report in pdf)

About 5,000 attendees, 125 companies attended. This convention drew speaker from 12 global cities and 8 tech trendsetters, Google, DJI, Nvidia, Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei, Microsoft and IBM among the speaker.

Selangor is moving towards the direction of smart cities. Some main subject that being discussed on Green City Forum on Day 2 covers the waste management and solar energy, which environmental conscious expert are sharing their thought how to make businesses green and yet profitable.

After all, cities belong to people, hence it makes sense to fit the city around their people.Technology may not necessarily be the core of Smart Cities, but it does enable cities to become Smart!

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